Taking a pause...

As we kick off 2024 with excitement and hesitation, we pray and ask for your understanding as we navigate new territory for Woven. As we follow our hearts on this new chapter for us we know you will continue to be the best friends and girl gang we could have ever asked for!

We are anxious/sad/nervous to announce that we have decided to close the doors to Woven... let's call it a "pause", for the foreseeable future.

Our goals and priorities are shifting and our families are busier than ever... we want to be present for every moment of it all and we don't feel that we can give Woven the love and attention it deserves at this time.

Woven has brought so many incredible memories into our lives and we've been able to accomplish so much in just 3 years. Over 6,000 orders and nearly 10,000 new friends, it has been such an incredible experience and one we anticipate will always be a favorite of ours.

We don't know what the future holds for us. We DO know that there will be a huge void in our lives without you. We hope you check in with us and we will do the same!

January 15th will be our last day. (or until we are completely sold out) If you are a gift card holder, please shop before that date.

We love you. XOXO Carlie + Ashley